Meet the Founder

Founder of Legion Transformation Center - Robert Thompson

Meet the Founder

When you’re evaluating a business investment as substantial and potentially life-changing as a fitness franchise like Legion Transformation Centers, you will naturally want to know who you’re getting into business with. Here is our founder Robert Thompson’s story in his own words. It tells a bit about the origins of Legion Transformation Center and why the passion that helped found this franchise system can help to make your personal fitness franchise a compelling opportunity to grow.


Q&A with The Founder

Please share the story behind Legion Transformation Centers.

Legion Transformation Centers started in 2014. However, Legion Sports Performance, the original gym, started in 2012.

I got into fitness when I was around 15 or 16 years old. I was a really skinny kid, and I wanted to make a change because I wasn’t happy when I looked in the mirror. It was a body image issue, but I found that working out, which I started to build muscle and get stronger and all that, it really changed me as a person. It helped me build confidence and self-esteem, and I fell in love with everything involved in working out.

So, when I found out I could be a personal trainer, that’s exactly what I did. I went to school to be a personal trainer, then I got out of school and was a strength coach for a little bit, and then I started Legion Sports Performance to train athletes. About a year and a half, two years after opening, I realized that training athletes, although it was fun, it wasn’t why I got started. I got started on my transformation to build muscle. But ultimately, I built my confidence and self-esteem. That didn’t necessarily have anything to do with sports.

Many of the people who came into my gym were looking to lose weight, and it made me realize, that’s why I got into the industry. So, in 2014, I pivoted and created Legion Transformation Center, which is designed to help people lose weight and change their body composition.

What was your motivation for creating a franchise system?

Legion Transformation Center was something I was able to grow relatively quickly in a multitude of markets. I opened up my second location and then a third, a fourth, and while building this community, people often came up to me asking if there was any way they could open a location. Or they told me I should open up a location here or there, that they had friends and family who would really benefit from it.

I realized as I opened up my seventh location that I can have a much larger impact with help and involvement from my community. I could change more people’s lives by taking this outside of myself and really taking action. The franchise is a result of my desire to build the capacity to help more people.

Why is a Legion Transformation Centers fitness franchise a sound investment opportunity?

It’s a sound investment because there are currently multiple locations across numerous different states, in different markets. It shows that it doesn’t matter what market or state, this concept grows, and it can grow relatively fast.

As a franchisee, you’re going to have multiple revenue streams, so you’re not just dependent on one. You have your front-end offers, you have recurring monthly memberships, which gives you predictable income. You also have retail sales like proprietary supplements, heart rate monitors and other things like that.

It grows really fast. You’re able to build cash flow very early from our front-end offers. Our marketing is amazing and helps generate responses from people who want to come to the gyms. Then we teach you, with our systems, how to get those people to become members, so you can work to build a fast-growing membership base.

What differentiates a Legion Transformation Center fitness franchise from its competitors?

The strongest difference between us and our competitors is our community. We have a huge community of people who love us and are die-hard fans. Franchisees can tap into that. Also, our systems work. We have an excellent marketing program in place that allows us to really go anywhere, no matter what the competition. We can open up, grow fast and really take hold of that market. We also have great sales systems in place and a very strong culture. We have the business and operational systems in place to allow a franchisee to have confidence that they’re going to be able to start to grow, and then continue to grow.

What more do you want franchisees to know about the Legion Transformation Center fitness franchise?

Legion is more than just a business. It’s not just about having a gym. You’re going to be able to change people’s lives. We’ve had people come in who have tried other fitness programs, even gone to their doctors and really given up. You get to be with people who are seeing their lives get better every single day. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the direct result of what you’re doing impact people’s lives in such a positive way.

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